Online video is booming and becomes an essential tool in communication for business of all sizes. The technical development in the last years enables direct and affordable communication with your customers.

YouTube, now the second biggest search engine in world, went only in 2006 online and since that started a revolution. Viewers are no longer depend on a static media with no influences like cinema, television or DVD. Recent sucesses on Youtube, f.e. Kony 2012 with more then 70 million views in the first week or the viral campaign "We know drama" (35 millions views in two weeks) demonstrate the power of videos in the internet.

Video combine the advantages of visual and audio information. Seeing is the most dominant sense. Images convince immediately - "Show don't tell". The emotional conviction which is supported by by audio (voice, music etc.) attracts visitor to your website. It is stasticial proven that website with video are visited in average for 358 seconds but website with only text are only visited 48 seconds. Webfilms can be used to spread your message or product.

Online videos are use for company and product presentation, customer testimonials or video markting campaigns.

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