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Augenblick-Film was founded in 2005 in Austria by Daniel Weissensteiner. He discovered his passion for making films in the age of 15. During his high school years and also during his studies of communication, which he sucessful finished in 2008, he continued working in the television and video industrie.

In 2005 started Daniel Weissensteiner to work as a freelancer (video editor) at Salzburg TV in Salzburg, Austria. Daniel already had 8 years of experiencing in different fields of the video industry including television, documentation, company presentation etc. at this point and started to grow the company to a production company. A first success was the documentary "Die Fremde und Ich", which was shot in 2006 in Uganda and founded by different film fonds from Austria. In 2008 Augenblick-Film started to focus on the uprising internet market, an open field, where only experience counts. 

In 2010 Augenblick-Film continued to produce company films but also provided finished films to SERVUS TV.  Personal reasons brought Daniel Weissensteiner in 2010 to Denmark, where he founded Augenblick-Film.dk. Until 2011 he worked togeter with MyDenmarkTV.com, PushButton and LotuSense. In 2011 Augenblick-Film.dk produced mainly for Sigma, a cultural branding company.

The video industry is in a big shift. Since 10 years the cost for equipment are dropping and the internet opened the world for video apart from cinema, television and DVD-rentals. Daniel Weissensteiner, who found his passion in making films, when he was 15, 


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